Hyundai Heavy Industries Develops 10.5-Generation LCD Handling Robot

Ulsan, South Korea – March 11, 2015  Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI), the world’s biggest shipbuilder and a leading industrial robot manufacturer, announced today that it unveiled a new 10.5th generation LCD handling robot. The new generation robot can handle LCD panels measuring 3,370 mm by 2,940 mm, about 1.8 times bigger than the 8th generation panels.

The robot’s foldable structure maximizes users’ convenience in transportation and installation. The machine, weighing 120 kg and operable at a maximum height of 6.9 m, features enhanced joints providing 10 % improvement in speed. Its lighter and stronger structure from previous generations also enables the machine to conduct much more precise operations.
 With the development of this new generation robot, HHI now has a full line-up of 10 different LCD handling robot models ranging from 2nd generation (cellphone display screen) to 10.5th generation (ultra-large TV panel). HHI, taking up 40 % and 30 % of domestic and overseas LCD handling robot market share respectively, expects to sell more than 100 units of the machine per year.
Hyundai Heavy Industries Develops 10.5-Generation LCD Handling Robot

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