Hyundai Heavy Industries Develops Most Powerful and Efficient CLEAN HiMSEN Engine

Ulsan, South Korea – September 11 – Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), the world’s largest shipbuilder and marine engine maker, announced today it recently completed type approval testing for its next generation CLEAN HiMSEN (Hi-Touch Marine & Stationary Engine) engines with the presence of eight major classification societies including ABS, DNV/GL, LR and KR.

The CLEAN (Customer, Liability, Environment, Acceptable Technology, No Defect) four-stroke HiMSEN engine (Model H21C) improves power output by 20 percent and fuel efficiency up to 2 percent compared to the existing same class four-stroke engines, H21/32, while making its physical size and weight 10 percent smaller and lighter respectively with the utilization of high pressure combustion technology.

The IMO Tier III-compliant engine emits 98 percent less NOx with the attachment of HHI’s proprietary Hyundai Selective Catalytic Reduction technology, NoNOx.

Mr. Youn Joong-geun, executive vice president of HHI’s Engine & Machinery Division said, “Our next-generation CLEAN HiMSEN engine is the culmination of our 40 years of technological know-hows and experiences. With the customer-oriented engineering, the high-output and high-efficiency engine will surely bring mutual benefits to HHI and its valued customers.”

HiMSEN, the world’s most selling medium-speed marine engine, was developed by HHI in 2001. Since then, HHI has exported about 10,000 HiMSEN engines accounting for 21 percent global market share. HiMSEN engine’s superior design has also been recognized in the market by winning design awards at the 2010 International Forum (iF) Design Award and Red Dot Design Award 2010.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Develops Most Powerful and Efficient CLEAN HiMSEN Engine


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