HHI Completes Installation of 10,000th HiMSEN Engine


Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), has announced that it has produced the 10,000th HiMSEN (Hi-Touch Marine and Stationary Engine) engine which has been installed on a 14,400 TEU containership ordered by Costamare, Greece.

The HiMSEN engines are medium speed 4-stroke engines that HHI independently developed in 2001 and can be used for both ship propulsion and power generation for onshore power plants. The engine features high-output and high-efficiency, and its versatile design makes it an ideal option as a main part of its proprietary mobile power plant, Packaged Power Stations (PPS) and Diesel Power Plant (DPP) for power generation at places ranging from disaster-stricken islands and remote areas where the construction of conventional power plants are not feasible.

HHI has exported the 4-stroke engines to 550 clients from 43 countries over the past 15 years. Starting from introducing HiMSEN engine models that can run on diesel, HHI has HiMSEN engine line-up that can run on natural gas and the one that can both run on diesel and natural gas.

Moreover, in September last year, HHI introduced the next generation CLEAN (Customer, Reliability, Environment, Acceptable Technology, No Defect) HiMSEN engine. The CLEAN HiMSEN engine realized 20 percent power output increase and 2 percent fuel efficiency improvement compared to the existing same class four-stroke engines, while making its physical size and weight 10 percent smaller and lighter respectively with the utilization of high pressure combustion technology.

Source: http://snmevents.com/hhi-completes-installation-of-10000th-himsen-engine/

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