Supply of High-performance Eco-friendly Products to Future ships.

HHI-EMD has been leading the international marine environment with its excellent experiences and continued R&D.

HHI-EMD is underway the production and supply the environmentally friendly products which is to be vitally installed in all vessels across the ocean. HHI-EMD have developed Crude oil & Chemical Tanker, Steam Turbine for LNG ships, Ballast Water Treatment System, NoNOx SCR System that the harmful NOx molecules in the exhaust are converted to harmless elemental nitrogen and water under his own power.

In addition, HHI-EMD have completed to develop Hi-GAS System to supply eco-friendly LNG fuel pursuant to tightening regulation on atmospheric environment and increasing in ship fuel expenses and have successfully finished the Engine Performance Test for HiMSEN Dual Fuel (DF) engine for propulsion and auxiliary use, and contribute to the international environment-friendly sector by developing Hi-ReGAS (Hyundai Integrated ReGASification system System and Hi-ERS (Hyundai innovative Economical Re-liquefaction System) as well.