HiMSEN 4-Stroke Engines

Hyundai’s HiMSEN Family have simple and smart design suitable for marine applications with high reliability and performance.

The key features are: Heavy Fuel Engine with same fuel of main engine (Uni-Fuel concept). Hence, the diesel fuel and heavy fuel oil of the viscosity of upto 700cSt at 50 °C is acceptable.

Economical and Ecological Engine with low fuel consumption, NOx emission, and Smoke, etc. , which is based on the below specific designs; – Optimized Supercharging with Miller Cycle – High Fuel Injection Pressure

Reliable and Practical Engine with simple, smart and robust structure. – Number of engine components are minimized with Pipe-Free design – Most of the components are directly accessible for easier maintenance – ‘Individual Part’ maintenance concept is provided – Feed System is fully modularized with direct accessibilit

Marine & Offshore Gensets


Marine Propulsion Engines